We Hate Passwords

We Hate Passwords is a JavaScript widget that replaces passwords on your site with easy to remember and secure pixel art. You can demo our project and purchase it below.

(In this example the password is the entire square colored in red.)

Security Can Be Fun

There is 1,341,068,600,000,000,000,000 possible drawing combinations when using We Hate Passwords. A 10 character password with only letters and numbers has 839,299,370,000,000,000 possible combinations. In this example We Hate Passwords is 1,598x more secure than a traditional password.

Integration Is Easy

You can have We Hate Passwords up and running on your own site in a matter of minutes. We include easy setup instructions with your purchase.

Password Managers Welcome

We don't add any friction to your log in experience. We Hate Passwords is compatible with all password managers out of the box.

Purchase Now

This sale includes the We Hate Passwords script and easy setup instructions to help you integrate it.