No more passwords!

Instead of remembering a complicated password you can instead use pixel art as your password. This is easier to remember and surprisingly secure.

WeHatePasswords - Replace passwords on your site with cute pixel art. | Product Hunt Embed


In this demo the password is a hollow red square. Click here to see a picture of password.



That was easier than entering some long password right? Keep reading if you want to know how to add WeHatePasswords to your own site.

To get started add our script before your HTML document's closing body tag:

<script src="https://wehatepasswords.com/main.js"></script>

Then add this inside your form where you want the widget to appear:

<div id="wehatepasswords"></div>

Here is a more detailed example:

Verify Password Server-Side

Our widget adds a secret field to your form named "wehatepasswordsJson". This field contains a JSON string which translates to the pixel art password submitted. When somebody registers save their pixel art JSON on your server, and then whenever they try to log in compare the pixel art JSON they submit with the JSON you have saved.

Here is an example implementation in PHP:


How secure is this?

There is 28,430,288,000,000,000,000 different password combinations. It's going to be pretty hard to guess your password!